Why polished concrete looses shine

Wrong Cleaner

Most floor cleaner products are too stringent for use on polished concrete. Use a pH-neutral soap to prevent a dramatic reduction in shine levels and etching. CPS offers a PC Soap specifically designed to clean polished concrete floors.

Foot Traffic

Foot traffic, forklifts, and shopping carts constantly pick up foreign soils, redistributing the dirt and debris throughout the floor, leading to scuffing and surface deterioration.


Doing nothing at all to maintain the floor will do the most harm. Dirt and debris quickly abrade the surface causing a dulling effect. Routine use of a pH-neutral soap, such as PC Soap, is necessary to protect the surface.

Maintenance Program for Polished Concrete


  • Clean all spills immediately using a microfiber mop and CPS PC Soap
  • For light soils, use 3oz of PC Soap per gallon of water in autoscrubber.
  • For Heavy soils, use 4-5oz of PC Soap per gallon of water in autoscrubber.



  • Attached a CPS Bling Pad to your floor burnisher
  • Burnish floor to maintain shine and protect your polished concrete floor