DSQ2 Densifier

Coverage Rate | 400-600 sq.ft per gallon

CPS DSQ2 is a hybrid densifier, with waterproofing properties for the purpose of hardening surfaces. DSQ2 penetrates the surface of the concrete, suspending molecules in the concrete, and filling the pores fully to increase stain resistance, hardening, and prevent dusting. DSQ2 improves the performance of surfaces, and helps surfaces resist effects of traffic wear and weathering.

5 Gallon GPCH0781 | 55 Gallons GPCH0782-$

CPS Densifier

Coverage Rate | 450-600 sq.ft per gallon

An economical, cost effective treatment for architectural concrete and terrazzo surfaces to rapidly produce a harder surface that is easier to grind and polish.

5 Gallon GPCH0252M5K-$124 | 55 Gallons GPCH0252M55K – $1,237